In addition to being one of New York City’s premier neighborhood destinations, the Union Square Partnership takes prides in promoting Union Square as a great place to live.

Approximately 70,000 people call Union Square home, and USP works closely with community stakeholders to address residents’ needs and to continually find ways to improve the district. USP works tirelessly to ensure that quality-of-life concerns are addressed, and that the district remains a warm and welcoming environment.

To keep our finger on the pulse of what is of greatest concern to our residential community, USP brings together the Residential Advisory Committee to address issues.

Keeping Union Square Clean & Safe

USP maintains a staff of public safety officers and sanitation workers who, in conjunction with our partners in City government, keep the district clean and safe. Under the supervision of USP’s Director of Operations, our Public Safety Team and our Clean Team are at work seven days a week.

In 2011 alone, the Clean Team logged over 46,456 hours, and removed 111,168 trash bags of garbage and 309 incidents of graffiti. The Public Safety Team logged more than 10,000 hours during that same time period, and provided 47,571 outreach requests to residents, businesses and visitors, monitored the sidewalks, connected the homeless with services, and contacted the local precincts in emergency situations.

Addressing Quality-of-Life Concerns

While always striving to do better, USP is proud that in our most recent community opinion survey, 96% of respondents approved of the district’s quality of life, and 94% approved of its safety measures.

USP has established a series of protocols to follow in the event that community members identify quality-of-life concerns such as unreasonable noise, unsanitary conditions, illegal street vendors, aggressive panhandling, or other situation.

USP staff members are on hand to address your issues. Remember, in an emergency, always call 911, but to report non-emergency quality of life conditions, contact 311, the City’s Citizen Service Center, in advance of contacting USP. You will be given a tracking number that is on record with the appropriate City agency, and will make it easier for USP to follow up. From there, send a follow up email with the 311 tracking number to our Director of Operations, seven days a week.

USP maintains good relationships with all local police precincts and the local police precincts may also be contacted to report quality of life concerns through their respective main numbers or through the Community Affairs Units listed below.

For complaints regarding the north side of 14th Street and Union Square Park:
13th Precinct – 212 477-7411
Community Affairs –212 477-7427

For complaints regarding the south side of 14th Street from the east side of Broadway to 1st Avenue:
9th Precinct – 212 477-7811
Community Affairs – 212 477-7826

For complaints regarding the south side of 14th Street from the west side of Broadway to 6th Avenue:
6th Precinct – 212 741-4811
Community Affairs – 212 741-4826

Other Helpful Information

To assist a homeless person in need, contact 311 or dial the City’s Homeless Outreach Unit, 212 791-2068.

Click here to download a list of other helpful numbers to address quality of life concerns.