Eating Local, Recycling And More

The City's first, largest and most famous Greenmarket takes place year-round, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 8 AM - 6 PM, and is organized by our partners at GrowNYC, a privately funded citizens’ organization in the Mayor's Office.  The organization supports regional agriculture by providing local small family farmers with opportunities to sell their fruits, vegetables and other farm products to New Yorkers. Consisting of dozens of local farmers, butchers and bakers, the market sets up along the north and west sides of the park.  GrowNYC has been promoting local farmers since 1976, and every season something new so click here to find out what's fresh this month. 

Textile Recycling
The Union Square Greenmarket has clothing and textile recycling every Saturday and Monday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The recycling center accepts clean clothing, shoes, bedding, linens, hats, handbags, belts, and other textiles. Your donation is tax deductible as it directly benefits the Council on the Environment. So don’t just throw out those old materials that fill up in landfills and cause 5.7% of New York City’s residential waste stream. Instead, bring them to the Union Square Greenmarket and those old fabrics will not go to waste. If you can’t make it to the drop-off site, then you can contact Wearable Collections to see if you are eligible for a home pick up.

Thanks to the LESEC, the Union Square Greenmarket now has a community compost drop-off program. Stop by the Greenmarket Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday between the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM to leave your kitchen scraps to be recycled. The materials are processed in a composting system, and after a few months are sold as either compost or part of the L.E.S. Ecology Center potting soil mix. This program serves NYC households, so no commercial/business organic waste will be accepted. To learn more about what foods can be recycled, as well as other drop-off spots, click here.

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